This is a Good School

Ofsted says "Pupils are highly engaged and enjoy learning"

Teaching is good

"Teachers are expert in the subjects they teach."

Governance is strong

"Adults share an in depth understanding of the latest safeguarding risks that pupils may face."

Pupils achieve well

"Provision for children in the early years is particularly strong."

Pupils' behaviour is good

"Behaviour in lessons is excellent. Children are kind."

Teaching is good

"Assessment is used well. There is a huge array of activities on offer."

Curriculum design is inspiring

"The curriculum is coherent and well sequenced."

Pupils achieve well

"Leaders and staff are united in their ambition for pupils to succeed."

Pupils' behaviour is good

"The high-quality relationships between staff and pupils contribute to a positive learning culture."

Pupil Premium Strategy

The Pupil Premium is additional funding allocated to schools to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers.  It is based on the number of pupils who have been eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) at any point over the last six years (known as ‘Ever 6 FSM) and also provides funding for children who have been looked after continuously for more than six months and the children of service personnel. ​

If you believe you may be eligible for Free School Meals but have not already registered this with us, please do so as soon as possible, because it can help the school to fund additional provision for your child.

For further information please click on the link below:

Pupil Premium at Leighterton Primary School

At Leighterton, we regularly review progress and attainment for all children.  Additional support is quickly put in place to support pupils who are underachieving, including the use of Pupil Premium Funding.  Whilst the school recognises that children eligible for FSM statistically underachieve nationally, this is not always the case and the school will not automatically target Pupil Premium Funding equally towards all FSM pupils, as most achieve as well as their peers and some achieve higher.  Additional support is therefore allocated accordingly through the school system for tracking and intervention.

Download Reports

Pupil Premium at Leighterton 2020-21

Pupil Premium at Leighterton 2018-19 and Strategy for 2019-20

Catch-Up Premium

LPS Catch Up Funding Plan 2020-21

Paper copies of all documents are available free of charge from the school.