This is a Good School

Ofsted says "Pupils are highly engaged and enjoy learning"

Teaching is good

"Teachers are expert in the subjects they teach."

Governance is strong

"Adults share an in depth understanding of the latest safeguarding risks that pupils may face."

Pupils achieve well

"Provision for children in the early years is particularly strong."

Pupils' behaviour is good

"Behaviour in lessons is excellent. Children are kind."

Teaching is good

"Assessment is used well. There is a huge array of activities on offer."

Curriculum design is inspiring

"The curriculum is coherent and well sequenced."

Pupils achieve well

"Leaders and staff are united in their ambition for pupils to succeed."

Pupils' behaviour is good

"The high-quality relationships between staff and pupils contribute to a positive learning culture."

Special Needs and Inclusion

The school recognises that each child has a variety of differing needs as they progress through the school. Most of these can be dealt with by the class teacher, however where a teacher or parent becomes concerned, it may be necessary to initiate a special programme of support and work for that child. This is only implemented after consultation with the special educational needs coordinator (SENCO). The stages of help are easily explained and are monitored regularly. We wish to build a partnership between parent, teacher and child that benefits the child’s educational progress and attainment.

Work in all aspects of the curriculum can be differentiated to suit the needs and ability of the children. Differentiation can take many forms and arrangements are made to cater for those children with specific learning difficulties or those who are more able and require challenges to increase their academic, creative, artistic, sporting and social skills. Targets are set to encourage them to extend themselves.

Any parents who are concerned about their child’s progress should make an appointment to speak to the class teacher and the SENCO.  As well as the SENCO there is a governor with a designated responsibility for special educational needs.  Please see our website for more information.

A paper copy of all documents can be obtained from the school office on request.


Ms Meryl Hatfield (01666) 890273

SEND Downloads

Offer of Early Help Sept 2020 – All your questions answered.

Paper copies of all documents are available free of charge from the school.


Governor Reports

SEN Information Report to Governors 2019-20

Due to small numbers of children in each cohort, children may be easily identified.  If you would like to know more about how we cater for the needs of children with SEND, then please enquire at our school office.